Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Finally Heard Back From The Uro's Office

So DH's uro's office called me this morning about the new plan for him. At first she implied that the Dr. wanted him to up UP the does AGAIN, I told her NO way, its not working and there is no way in hell he will take it. She discussed with the Dr. and we have a new plan. In 3 weeks (1 month after being off the clomid) they want him to do a S/A and more blood work. Thank god he can do it at home, but we have to get it to the clinic within 30 minutes. Then a week later we have a appointment with the uro to go over the results and probably start the injections.

A LOT is riding on this upcoming s/a. This result, good or bad, is going to pave the path for the future of our IF journey. It will determine what kind of fertility treatment we will need to do to get PG and how much money this is all going to cost us. I am kinda nervous, but also just want to KNOW NOW!

I still have not heard back from the RE about the email I sent him the other day.....


Amber and Brian said...

All I could think about is you getting arrested with a cup of semen in your hands! bwahaha

On a serious note, I hope this works. :::crosses fingers:::

Stacey said...

I hope you guys can get the answers you need FINALLY. That's got to be the most frustrating feeling!

No speeding on the way to the drs that will be hard to explain!