Saturday, June 21, 2008

Being Thankful

Through out this journey to have another baby, with all the disappointments and heart ache I am enduring I cant help but thank god everyday for the healthy, most precious little girl I could ever ask for. My daughter Kay. Without her I really don't know where I would be right now. She changed my life in every way possible, and although she was a COMPLETE surprise I cant imagine my life without her. She gives me purpose in my life and has made me a better person in every aspect. Every morning now I look into her pretty blue eyes and just thank god for sending her to me, even at a time when I was not ready. Dealing with infertility has really made me realize what most women take for granted. That every child is truly a miracle, whether planned or not!! The science behind making a baby absolutely amazes me. I never thought of it much before now, and most women don't. We are made to make babies. For most couples having children is just the progression of your relationship and life. I think when you CANT make a baby and those reasons are out of your control it really makes you realize that. So thank you god for giving me the greatest gift in the baby.

I am also extremely grateful for such amazing and supportive friends!! I know many of you don't truly understand what I am going through, but your support and encouragement really means a lot to me. I could never get through this without you all by my side. So I thank you for that!

Much Love~


Amber and Brian said...

You are lucky to have such a beautiful child! She is just perfect! Beautiful, fun, SOCIAL, and well behaved. Maybe a little spoiled, but who wouldn't spoil her?! haha

Michelle said...

Aww that's the way I feel about my kids. I love them so much! It CRAZY how much you change when you become a mother huh? Kaylee is precious!