Monday, June 16, 2008

My Dream Came True....And Then I Woke Up

Back story: When I was at the RE appt. when he was looking at my charts he was looking at the most current one and said " Well....ummm, have you taken a PG test" I said no why? He said "because your temps didn't drop when you got AF, and your period was light" (Usually your temp drops the day before or the day you get AF) I told him there was no way I was PG and then he looked at all the other months and realized that my body is just wacky and I have been having lighter periods for months now.

Okay so on to my story.......Last night I had a dream and it went as follows:

I was waiting for AF to come so I could go into my RE's office on CD 3 to start my testing and blood work. Well AF was late, so I took a PG test and it was POSITIVE. I started crying, shaking, and thinking about what the RE had told me and literally fell to my knee's. IT happened...I got my MIRACLE BFP!!! I was so shocked yet so utterly happy, a happiness that I have never felt before. I ran and told my DH "OH MY GOD I AM PG, can you believe it?!? Its a miracle!!" He was completely shocked and amazed that I actually had gotten PG. At that moment so many thoughts were going through my head...."Thank you god, we wont have to go through fertility treatments and I hope it sticks!!"

Then I woke up.

I could not believe it was a dream, it seemed SO real. I started to cry......
I found my DH (he was already awake) and he asked my why I was crying. I told him about the dream and how disappointing it was to wake up and realize it was not real. He just held me as I stood there in crying disbelief. It really took me a while to get it together this morning...I was really shaken up by it. Up to this point I have not had a dream like that and hopefully that is the last one.

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Michelle said...

Oh Lisa I have had dreams like this. They suck. I definately know what that feels like.

But look at the bright side. Daniel is there supporting you along the way. It's amazing to have a husband like that!

I hope you feel better today.