Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Catching Up

We got home from Las Vegas yesterday afternoon. We had such a great trip!!! We saw and did lots of fun things and the girls had a blast together!! I was happy to come home though...4 days in Vegas is enough, plus not working out and eating at all those yummy buffets was starting to get to me. I went for a gooooood workout this morning to try and make up for it all. (the pic above is from dinner at Ah Sin Sushi at The Paris) I will post some more pics from Vegas later.

So tomorrow is Dooms Day- or the follow up visit with the Uro after my DH's S/A last week. I wasn't nervous until today, and now I am a wreck!! I am just really hoping that he has some swimmers in there. So please keep us in your thoughts tomorrow!!
Also, I got the news today that DH's daughter (the one who is PG with her 2nd set of twins, see prior posts for details and the full story) is having a boy and a girl. GREAT for them, 2 more they cant afford. But they will be finally getting that boy they have been hoping for ((((shoot me now)))). When Justin (Dh's son) told me that it was like a knife going in my chest. It just makes me physically sick hearing ANYTHING about her and this PG...mainly due to their circumstances and what we are going through. I have never been so un-happy about someones pregnancy. I am not this bitter with others, but with her I am. I guess it is because we supported them when she was PG the last time with the twins, or the fact that they will now have 5 children they cant afford and we cant even have one, or the fact that she is family and DH's daughter so I have no way to NOT hear about it...IDK, either way it sucks.

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Michelle said...

Gld you're back and I can't wait to see and hear more stories and pictures of Vegas! My mom and I might be having a much needed girls Trip there soon. We need some shopping and alone time!

Good luck with the appointment! You know I am always rooting for you and having you in my thoughts.