Thursday, July 24, 2008

The S/A Results....

We went in today to go over the results of my DH's S/A and to start him on the 3x weekly HCG injections. Man I was nervous wreck in the waiting room. All of his hormones are still REALLY REALLY low. Here are the results of the S/A:

Count: 45 ml (normal)
Volume: 1.9 ml
Motility: 11% (really low)
Morph (Kruger Strict) 14% (low)
pH: 8.6 (too high)
Viscosity: Slightly increased

We were very surprised he had that many sperm given his testosterone was 36!! Normal is above 240. But with the motility being SO low, our only option right now is IVF. So really he only has 8 ml. mobile sperm and that is really low, not even enough to try IUI, and almost impossible to get PG naturally (and even if we could I dont ovulate!)!! He is starting the injects today and will get F/U B/W in one month from now, and hopefully his hormones will be up. He will get another S/A in 3 more months, and I pray pray pray this helps so we can at least be able to do IUI's instead of jumping right to IVF. Right now is a really bad time financially with my DH buying commerical property and all and we would not be able to fork over 14 grand today. We are giving this one last shot. I REALLY hope it helps!! I will be CRUSHED if we wait another 3 months trying something else that fails....

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