Thursday, July 3, 2008

Houston We Have a Problem

Today I started AF, so I had to go in for the start of my testing. Today's testing was a baseline internal u/s and b/w. So I arrive at my RE's office ready to rock and roll and little did I know what I was about to find out.

I get undressed and am waiting on the exam table for the nurse to come in and start my u/s. There is a large screen on the wall where I can see the u/s too, so I thought that was cool. I have never had a internal u/s without a baby inside me before so I was very interested to see how everything looked in there.

The nurse walks in and we begin. As soon as she put the wand inside me she said "WOW, whatcha got in there?" the FIRST thing that popped into my mind was "OMG is there a baby in there??" I said back to her "I don't know what is it" she says "Well it looks like you have a big cyst on one of your ovaries" WHAT?!? I do?? I asked her how big it was and she said that is was pretty large. She asked me if I have had any pain or anything like that, and I said no because I haven't. So she does her thing and takes all her measurements, and then goes back to measure the cyst. The cyst looked like the size of a apricot, or a big lime/lemon...a big black circle on the screen. She could not even see that ovary because the cyst was covering it up.

She moves on to check out my left ovary and its normal, everything looked good. But I did have some follicles in there (when you are on AF, your not supposed to have any in there) She began to count and measure them....and I have 21 follicles in there!! another WHAT?!? To have that many in there is CRAZY. She said to me "You don't ovulate do you?" NOPE, sure don't, so she said they have just been collecting in there and never releasing. But the good news is that means I don't have a low ovarian reserve (I have a good, normal amount of eggs, but just don't ovulate)If my husband didn't have male factor I would be sleeping in another room....because you know if I ever do ovulate it WILL be more than one egg. That really freaked me out.

So because of the cyst they had to cancel my HSG coming up because the dye being shot up there could cause that ovary to twist, or even cause the cyst to explode. They want me to come back for a cyst check and either it can go away on its own (which I doubt being the size that it is and my luck), give me meds to reduce it, or have it surgically removed. We can not do ANY treatments until the cyst is taken care of. I am supposed to get a call from one of the Dr.'s about what they want me to do next. I was also instructed to call if I start having ANY pain at all, because it could rupture.

Nothing with my fertility issues ever goes smoothly, but I was totally NOT expecting all this. I do however feel some sense of relief because at least I am getting some answers. I have known that I haven't been ovulating for the past 9 months now, so I KNEW something was wrong with me but I would have never guessed I had a cyst. Who knows how long its been there.

I will update when I hear from the Dr. although because of the holiday it may not be until Monday.

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Michelle said...

My mom had some cysts on her ovaries removed a while back ago... along with cysts in her breasts. It's hard to see someone go through that... so I hope everything goes well for you, and you can continue to figure out what path you will need to take to have another baby.

It seems like it never ends for you with Dr's visits and such... and I admire the strength and perseverance you have. Many people may not understand what it's like to want a baby so bad and have a million and one setbacks. I don't. And I couldn't imagine having your strength to get through.

With that determination Lisa, I know you will figure it all out. Fall down seven times, and stand up eight.

And remember, "If one dream should fall and break into a thousand pieces, never be afraid to pick one of those pieces up and begin again."