Friday, August 15, 2008

Attack of the Fertiles


Everywhere I go I am surrounded by fertile women their pregnancies and/or their kid(s), yes that is plural because either they have 2 or more children already, or a 1-3 year old and one on the way. I feel almost as if they are flaunting the fact that they are fertile and I am not.

I took Kay to a popular play area here the other day and I was defiantly the minority. These places are the breeding ground for fertiles. I was the ONLY one out of say 30-40 moms that only had ONE child and was NOT pregnant. It breaks my heart being anywhere like that now because all I see is siblings playing together and pregnant moms. While I was there I struck up a few conversations with some other mothers. I always get the obligatory "Is she your only one?" but today it was more than that, great more people reminding that I am the infertile minority. This time it was "You decided to have only one huh?". "She really wants a sibling mom you should give her one" and "She is so pretty you HAVE to have another one" GEE if it were only that easy.....

Needless to say it was a hard day. Fertiles just don't understand. I envy the fact that they can just say "Oh honey lets have another baby" and have sex (wow what a concept!) and BAM they are pregnant. These women have no idea how lucky they are.....

My DH always tries to tell me not to think about it...well the truth is that I cant escape it. Everywhere I go, no matter what time of the day, there they are.

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