Monday, August 18, 2008

My HSG Report

I am happy to report that my uterus looks great and I have no blockages in either of my tubes!!

Many of you know how nervous I was about getting this test done...mainly I was scared of the pain. I didn't feel a THING! Not one cramp or twinge of pain the entire time! The only uncomfortable part was when he inserted the speculum, but again not painful just uncomfortable. Once he did that he prepped my cervix by putting some numbing gel on it and let that sit for a few minutes. Then he inserted the catheter and told me that once he starts to put the dye in to let him know where I was pain wise and we would go from there.

As I laid there getting ready to embrace the pain, I started seeing the dye go in on the screen above me then I this it? When does the painful part start? I asked him and he said that was it! Okay cool...I can handle this. After all the dye was in he tilted my uterus in different positions, took a series of pictures, and then that was it over. He had to put some pressure on my cervix because I started bleeding (which is normal) and after a few minutes I went and got dressed. The whole procedure lasted maybe 20-25 minutes. Wow, all that worry for nothing..I feel so relieved to know that it is over and everything looks good.

I am having some AF type cramps and spotting now but other than that I am good!


Amber said...

YAY! Finally some good news!

Jenni said...

Lisa this is such awesome news.. I'm so glad things are beginning to look up for you and your hubby!! I cant wait for the best news yet to come!! It will though!! and I cant wait!!
Congrats girlie..
Keep the good news a flowin!!

Michelle said...

This is awesome! It's great to hear the positive stuff so you can continue to move forward. Can't wait to find out what your next step is.