Sunday, August 10, 2008

Finally Some Good News!

I am happy to report that I had my u/s this morning and my cyst is GONE! I am so thankful and happy that we finally have some good news because I don't think I would have been able to handle more bad news right now!! So YAY we can finally start taking steps in the right direction!

Some interesting news I found out is that when I had my b/w done last cycle my prolactin level came back elevated. Prolactin is a hormone from the pituitary gland and is primarily produced in lactating women. WTF?! They did say that it was only elevated by a point or 2, but they were going to re test it today along with all my other b/w that I needed to get done. So we'll see.

Now I can move forward and get my other testing finished! I have my HSG scheduled for next Monday the 18th, and then a follow up appointment with my RE on the 26th to go over all my test results and come up with a PLAN!!! I am so happy and excited that hopefully next cycle we will be doing some sort of treatment!


Michelle said...

Wow Lisa I am so happy for you! Yay! That's great news! Good luck on continuing to move forward.

Amber and Brian said...