Friday, August 8, 2008

A New Leaf

After a 36 day cycle the bitch finally showed up this morning!!! Thank god!

Today is offically CD1 of what hopefully will be a new chapter! I left a message with the nurses line and hopefully I will be able to get in today for my baseline stuff and cyst check. I don't want to waste another day "waiting" so I really hope they can fit me in somewhere. I pray that the cyst is gone and we can get the baby ball rolling.....finally.

I also want to have a meeting with the RE to go over my DH's S/A results and see what he thinks about us trying IUI's. DH is not ready financially for IVF just yet (we are all OOP) but is okay with IUI's for now. He knows that the HCG injects are helping, he can feel it, and there are other signs that it is working too. So we are hoping that the Dr. agrees and maybe we have a good chance with IUI's.

We'll see!!

"He who has hope has everything." - Arabian Proverb

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