Tuesday, August 12, 2008

One Month

That is how long I have been smoke free! It is has been exactly one month and one day since I had my last cigarette and I don't miss it at all!! All my cravings are gone, and I actually think it is disgusting and stinky now. It is hard to believe that the smell that is making me gag now, is the same smell that a month ago I longed for.

I really do think that I will never smoke again. This time feels different from all the other times I tried to quit. I am very proud of myself and think I can now officially call myself a NON-SMOKER!


Michelle said...

That is totally awesome! So much better for your health.

I wish I could get my husband to quit. He really needs to. He swears he could if he wanted to... I really doubt it though.

Jamie said...

Congratulations Lisa! It is very impressive...ONE MONTH! You def. deserve the MK bag. =)