Monday, August 25, 2008

Life With a 4 Year Old

Is very interesting to say the least!! This is such a fun age but with that comes a whole new set of challenges. Its funny because as soon as you get used to one age or stage and get into the hang of things...they change on you and you have a whole new list of things to adapt too! It never ends, but it is rewarding to watch them learn and grow into little human beings. Right now Kay is really showing her independence. She wants to pour her own drinks, make her own cereal, wash her own hair. It makes me sad because it make me realize that she is growing up! She also thinks she knows everything, yet is also starting to ask A LOT of questions about everything. Like "How does the mailman know to bring the mail to our mailbox" followed by "Why does every house have a number", its funny because sometimes I don't have answers for all her little questions. It is hard to try to explain something that is SO SIMPLE to me. But I do the best I can and am trying to prepare myself for what she could possibly want to know about next. I am trying to expose her to as much as possible right now while she wants to absorb everything.

It is also a very dramatic, emotional, everything is SUCH big deal, age...which is funny at times. I can already see how mothers and daughter can not be the best of friends at times because last Saturday me and her were fighting like we were both 15 year old girls that were mad at each other. Oh the DRAMA! It was all because we were running late and she REFUSED to wear what I had out for her, which is normally would not be a big deal because I let her pick between a couple outfits, but this particular morning we did not have time for that. Then she would not let me help her put her cloths or shoes on. I mean we were LATE and all I could do was stand back and watch her INSIST that he skirt was on right, when in fact it was on backwards. Hey, you learn to pick your battles..I have learned that one the hard way. So we left, backwards skirt and all.

Another reason why I love this age so far is that now we can do fun things that not only she appreciates more but will also remember. We are starting to implement more traditions. Like recently we started "Friday Family Movie Fun Night" and boy does she look forward to that! Every Friday evening we go to blockbuster and she is allowed to pick out a movie (this last week it was Underdog) and then we get takeout from a place of her choice. Then we all sit together as a family, eat popcorn and enjoy the movie. I just want her to look back on her childhood and it be filled with great memories of things like that, because it is the little things that count not all the toys and trips, etc. She is just growing into this sweet, gracious, loving, dramatic : ) little girl and sometimes I wish I could just freeze time to enjoy these stages a little longer.


hopefaithlove said...

I just added you to my Blog list of daily reads, I am also experiencing secondary infertility but with the same partner. I can't wait to read about your journey.

Your daughter is so cute.

Amber and Brian said...

She is so silly!

And guess what? Tomorrow's Tuesday!