Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Great Debate

Many of you know that I am a vegetarian. I chose not to eat meat, dairy, or eggs because of the things our meat industry pumps into our cows, pigs, and chickens simply to increase there profits and due to the unethical treatment of these animals. It is a personal choice, and one that I do not push anyone. Not my husband, or even my own child for that matter. I am not going to deny Kaylee chicken or ham because she likes it. When she gets older she can make her own choice, but for now as her parent I am going to at least make sure she is putting the best food into her body. I buy them only organic, steroid free, range free, hormone free, and antibiotic free meat, eggs, and milk. I certainly don't want Kay growing boobs at 8 years old or starting her period at 9 because she has been pumped with hormones since the age of 2. These are all things I feel have been brought on in recent years by all the hormones, etc. they shoot into the animals. It is the same concept as women on hormones gaining weight while doing doing fertility treatments..same thing with animals, except for then we eat them. Yeah..

Think about it, the more meat they make, the more they sell, the more money they make. So they do what ever they can to increase the meat production and they don't give a shit what they have to do to get there, not to mention how they actually treat these animal. If I told you half the things I have researched you would be APPALLED. It is a business just like any other business, they want to make money! These are things we put into our bodies and feed to our children. They should give a shit but they don't. And don't for a second think that you have the USDA on your side keeping your food safe because they don't give a shit either. The USDA has been accused of overlooking these practices, lying about lab reports, altering records, and pressuring staff to lie about these events. They are business first and safety last. I could go on about this for days because I am very passionate about this but I wont do that to you. So all I ask, and for your own good, is that if your going eat meat at least be aware of what you are putting into your body...Now onto the Great Debate....

My husband is adimit that when I get pregnant with our child that I HAVE to eat meat. He thinks there is no way that I can be pregnant and have a healthy child without eating meat and getting protein. First of all, that is NOT going to happen. I will not start eating meat just because I get PG. Second, I did not eat meat when I was PG with Kaylee and she turned out just fine. She weighed 7lbs 3oz at birth and didn't have a third arm growing out of her head. The bottom line is that he can not argue with me about it because he is not informed about it. I, being a vegetarian know what foods I have to eat to get the proper protein I need daily. He has no clue. There are a lot of myths about protein. Most people seem to think that we as humans need ALL THIS PROTEIN in our diet and that is just false. Yes, I know too little is not good for you, but so is too much. Especially the dead animal flesh kind. With a well balanced proper diet, vegetarians get plenty of protein they need. I am doing my best to try and educate him about this but it really frustrates me when he try's to demand I eat meat when I am carrying his child. I think the only way I will ever really get through to him is by having my Dr. talk to him about it.

Until then..every night at the dinner table.....The Great Debate will continue.


Emily said...


Thanks for stopping by my blog & leaving a comment!

I love your layout - how did you do it? I am sooo tired of mine and I dislike most of the blogger templates.

Looks like we have a lot in common in the IF journey - we are male factor as well as high prolactin. Fun stuff!

Congrats on being smoke free - that is a HUGE accomplishment - you should be so proud :)

kat said...

Since when are you a veggie like me??? When did this happen???

Love and miss ya, honey!

love, kat