Friday, July 16, 2010

Baby Teeth

You may be thinking by the title that I am talking about Miss M, but this is about Kay and her baby teeth. See once you hit 5-6 years old, loosing teeth is one of the coolest things that can happen to you! (Except for scoring Justin Bieber concert tickets, then that would definatly be the coolest thing that could happen to you). There are charts on the wall at school that you get to put stickers on when you lose a new tooth, specials songs they sing, we read books about it, and then there is the tooth fairy of course and all the bragging that goes along with how much you got and what you did with your money. It's a big deal! Except when your the only one that hasn't lost a tooth, or have something even close to a wiggly tooth! She turned 6 in April and her mouth is locked up like Fort Knox!

We know they're there.....when we took her for her first (real) dentist appointment when she was 3...

they took xrays...

and there they were, clear as day right above her baby teeth! Nice and big and beautiful, see?

At one of her more recent appointments I asked the dentist if it's true that late teethers lose their teeth later, and she said yes. That is in fact true. Kay was a very late teether, I mean this kid had no teeth at her first birthday party...NONE! About a month later the first one popped through- so she was 12-13 months before she got her first tooth! Considering that, she may be going into high school with her baby teeth! Poor thing. She was talking about it the other day saying that she really really hopes she looses one before school starts again, because she most defiantly doesn't want to start first grade with all her baby teeth. (she was the only one in her kindergarten class that hadn't lost any over the course of the year).

We check for wiggly teeth every day at dinner time, hoping and praying that this just may be the day that one is day...until then we eat lots of corn on the cob and apples, hoping that will help move things along :)

And just because she was so darn cute, here is a picture of her leaving her first dentist appointment that day! My sweet Baby Kay!

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