Sunday, July 25, 2010

California Vacation: Part 1

We started our vacation spending a few days in Hollywood. I flew by myself with the girls, and that was kind of a challenge. Lugging around a 58 pound bag (had to fit all our stuff into one suit case), a filled diaper bag, a purse, a car seat, stroller, and booster seat all by 5'1 self was a little hard, but I managed to do it. I just gave myself plenty of time and checked everything but the diaper bag, and purse. Going there I pushed the stroller to the gate and then gate checked it, but I couldn't fold down the stroller and hold a baby at the same time, so luckily a nice lady offered to hold M while I did that. So I decided on the way home, I would check the stroller too and just wear her in the Bjorn, which turned out to be much better, worse on the back, but much easier than folding down the stroller twice by myself (through security and at the gate).

We arrived at LAX to paparazzi! Audrina Patridge from The Hills was going through TSA just as we were leaving and they were swarming her. It took me a while to gather our stuff, and get to the car rental but we walked out to BEAUTIFUL 76 degree, sunny, breezy, weather. I was in heaven, coming from 116!!

We stayed the first few days at my BFF's house, who just had her baby girl 3 months ago. Miss M looked like a GIANT baby next to her!

Kay had so much fun with little D Rose, she couldn't wait to meet her! and Miss M had no problem sharing her big sister.

The next morning, inspired by Jim's Pancakes, she made Kay eggs and bacon pancakes...They were a huge hit!

We call each other "Ma" (long story from way back in the day), so she made me a Ma pancake : )

We decided we'd spend the day doing "Hollywood" things, so we headed down to Hollywood Blvd. I've been a billion times, as my parents lived in LA for about 6 years and I used to visit all the time, but I really wanted Kay to experience it now that she's a little older. First we stopped and had sushi at Katsuya which was amazing! The decor in this place is incredible! Not very family friendly though, so that's why we hit it up for lunch....70 dollars and a full belly later, we headed down toward Hollywood and Vine. On the way, we passed by a few of our favorite stars...

Judy Garland, Kay's favorite 

Mommies favorite, Marilyn Monroe...

We decided to go the Guinness Book of World Records Museum, I thought Kay would really enjoy that....

We saw all sorts of weird, interesting things...

After that we walked across the street to the Hollywood Wax Museum and saw some more of our favorite people...

Kay and Shrek outside of Madam Tussuad's

and Marilyn yet again, I couldn't believe how real she looked! They did an amazing job!

The only thing I hate about Hollywood Blvd. is how touristy it is. Well that and the homeless and crazy people. There was a lady pushing an umbrella stroller with a baby doll in it. Yeah, a little off her rocker. Then we saw the same lady singing "Single Ladies" and dancing outside a shop on our walk back to the car. She was quit entertaining I must say, waving her hand like the Beyonce video...Kay even thought it was funny....wish I got a pic of that!  

Stay tuned for Part II!

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