Friday, July 9, 2010

What's In My Diaper Bag

I carry a Fleurville Lexie Tote in Botanical Azure. I actually scored this on while I was pregnant, for a fraction of the price. I think I paid 68.00 for it!! What a steal huh?!

I love this diaper bag! Being the bag freak that I am, I wanted something that wasn't "baby" or too "diaper bagish" looking. I wanted something with side pockets, roomy, and easy to clean and this bag is all of those things. Plus its super cute too!

Here's a peak inside when its all packed up...

And all of its contents...

In this photo: One of my favorite Aiden and Anias blankets, a extra onsie, bib, and burp cloth. Sophie, some links, 4 diapers, the changing pad that came with the diaper bag, and wipes. Along with travel size butt paste, aquaphor, boogie wipes, and hand sanitizer. I always keep a few extra baggies just in case, and a few baby cotton swabs.

I always bring a bottle filled with 7 oz.'s of water, the formula dispensor with 3 7 ouncers scooped out, a extra little 8 oz. bottle of water, and a bottle of 8 oz. Similac ready to feed just in case. I also carry pacifier wipes (not for a pacifier because she doesnt take one) but for her toys, and wet ones which are mainly for Kay. I always have some sort of snack for Kay packed away too..

And then there is my stuff! I carry my wallet and my phone of course. I bought an extra of my favorite lip gloss just for the diaper bag, chap stick, hair ties, Kleenex, and a pen. I reserve the side pockets for all my mommy stuff and things like my keys, etc. because who wants to be digging around when your trying to find your keys or your gloss?

There you have it. Thats's what's in my diaper bag!

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