Wednesday, July 28, 2010

California Vacation: Part 2

The morning of our last day in Hollywood, and since the weather is nice and cool in the mornings, we decided to work on our fitness and hike Runyon Canyon up in the Hollywood Hills...

I am SO glad we did this, Kay enjoyed and it was just so nice out. But next time, I would defiantly push Miss M in the stroller...see Ma thought that it would be too hard to push strollers up the mountain, and that carrying them in the Bjorn would be easier...but this is coming from a first time mom with a 12 pound peanut still! I regretted wearing her, especially as I saw all the other super skinny, tan, blonde, perfect Hollywood moms pushing their bugaboos up that nice mostly paved trail! Jealous! I hike all the time here in the fall/winter and pushing the stroller, as long as its paved or close to it, is much easier on my back and actually a much better workout. I had never been there before, so I had no idea what to expect, but we made it and had so much fun!!

We spent the rest of the day shopping on Melrose, hanging out at The Grove, then having a nice dinner at the Farmer's Market before me and the girls packed up and headed down to Huntington Beach. We stayed at an amazing huge family friendly resort right across the street from the beach, with a private over pass to get to the beach.

 While traveling with my husband, we usually stay in a suite with a separate bedroom or get 2 adjoining rooms so the kids can have their own. This works out great because they go to bed hours before we do, and M is a light sleeper so it just works best for us. But since I was traveling solo, and didn't really want to spend an extra 300++ per night on an extra room, I just got one room. Once bedtime came around I was trying to figure out how this was going to work with a very tired 6.5 month old and a giddy, wide awake 6 year old all in one room. So I improvised by putting Miss M's roll a way crib in the bathroom : ) Good idea?

It seemed a little silly at first, but totally made sense! This way, Kay would not wake her up, nor the TV. It fit perfectly in there and I just plugged in her sounds machine and off she went...I called my husband and said "M's sleeping in the bathroom" "She WHAT?!" "Yeah...she's in the bathroom, it's called being resourceful!"

The next morning, we packed up and planned for a full day of fun in the sun. First we hit up the kiddie pool that actually had a wadding pool, spa, a huge shallow pool for the little ones, and 3 water slides! It was kiddie heaven and one of the reasons why I loved this resort.

After spending the morning at the pool, it was lunch time. I found a taco shop on the beach called Wahoo's and had a yummy fish taco! I mean, you have to have fish tacos anytime you go to the beach right?! It was delish!

Then we headed to the beach! OMG, I couldn't wait to see M's first reaction and Kay couldn't wait to get into the ocean water.

Once we sat down, I was worried what Miss M would do and how I would manage a mobile baby on the beach but to my surprise, she just sat there! She found a shovel and she was content.

She loved the texture of the sand, she kept digging her little feet into the sand. She was fascinated by it! Love this picture of her little piggies...

After our day at the beach/pool we had a lovely dinner at one of the restaurants at the resort. Then made smores at one of the fire pits. Perfect way to cap off our vacation!

The next day, we packed up, drove back to LAX, and headed home! It was a perfect summer vacation and I am so grateful that we are able to do things like this!


melifaif said...

BOTH of your lil girls are just too precious...I adore the baby toes in the sand. Great memories! Resourceful momma...I totally would have done that!

Jamie said...

Great photos!! Sounds like you had a great time!

Benjamin Blakeman said...

Great pictures! Looks like a lot of fun for the kids!