Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Second Time Around

It's funny how different parenting is the second time around. I was thinking about this last night as me and my dear husband were driving to dinner. Of course we left the kids at home. With Kay, I would have bathed her before we left (so know one else would have to do it), had her in her jammies, given detailed exact instructions on when and how to feed her and put her to bed. Not to mention I would have called at least twice to check on her while out. Leaving the second one goes more like this....She'll eat at 5:30, bottle before bed, oh and she needs a bath tonight, so don't forget about that....See ya later, bye!

I'm telling you it's soooo different the second time around! Your calmer, your experienced, your older, and you've been though it all before. You know what to worry about and what not to worry about, you call the pediatrician only if you see blood, and pretty much have it down pat. Yes, every kid is different and as a mom there will always be worry on some level, but I can honestly say that I am much more relaxed with raising Little M. I look back on things I did with Kay and laugh at myself...literally laugh at myself...silly first time mommy!

Geez, I wonder what I'd be like with a third ; )


Amy said...

Haha. I appreciate the insight! I am just now preggo with my second and kind of anticipating the big changes!! I guess it all just figures itself out. :)

Ann and Chris Armenta said...

I wish I were that calm!! E is going to a new sitter for the first time this week and I am already typing out my 5 zillion page book on "How to deal with him" lol. I am TOTALLY that 1st time mom!