Friday, August 13, 2010

Cheerios Are Good

We've been giving little M puffs and cheerios for the last two weeks. Not only to practice with eating, but to work on her fine motor skills. While I'm making her dinner, I throw some on her tray. She does great with them, but will occasionally gag if one gets on the back of her tongue. When that happens I panic of course, even Kay says "Mom don't freak out!  I swoop it out and she's fine....But she's getting better and really seems to like self feeding! We've also tried little pieces of banana, and she loves that.

I really to post her 7 month update- being that she's 7.5 months now! Geez, the time gets away from me and this month has been very busy!

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The Wilson's said...

lol! I love the cheerio stuck to her face. She's saving it for later mama;)