Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Favorite Things: My Big Buddha Hibiscus Tote!

So you all know I am a purse whore and buy 2-3 new "investments" a year right?! Really, I change bags like you change underwear and have a closet to prove it. Usually its Michael Kors, B. Maskosky, Coach, Loius Vitton, or Dooney & Bourke. Those are my staple brands. But back in June while at Kay's dance recital I ran into another mom who just happened to open up her own spa/boutique and she was carrying the.most.fabulous.must get.my.hands.on.immediately bag! So of course the convo went like this:

"Oh hey....Kate is so big now.....omg your bag is fabulous, WHERE CAN I GET ONE!"

It was so different that any other bags I have seen right now. She could have said Target and I would have ran right over. I don't discriminate, but I do like quality bags that will last me a lifetime- so that's why I don't mind spending  investing a little money. She said her store was carrying them, and that this bag in particular was sold out as soon as they came in. BUT that she would order me one and let me know when it arrived. At the time, I didn't ask what brand it was and I didnt care, I just wanted THAT bag.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago....she called me to let me know that my bag was in that I could come pick it up whenever I wanted. Of course, I ran right over.....And now you can you see why?? LOVE!

It is the Big Buddha Hibiscus Tote in White from their spring 2010 collection. The picture doesn't show this bags true beauty. The brown is a metallic flecked brown canvas like material, so its slightly shimmer and it's beautiful in person. The pattern is so feminine and pretty. It is a large bag (which I love!), and even has pockets the sides, and is so roomy that it really could be used at as diaper bag too!  I can tell you this; ever since I put that bag on my shoulder, everywhere I go someone stops me and says how much they love it! Its a show stopper I tell ya!

The quality is not as good as what I'm used to (but I'm also used to paying 400+++). This bag was $88.00 and it's defiantly worth every cent! I've since got a sneak peak at their fall 2010 line, and I must say Big Buddha is now on my list- SO fun, fashion forward, and affordable!


Momma Wilson said...

Love your new bag, so cute!!! We have a couple of boutiques that carry that brand too. I'm looking forward to the fall line, I need a new brown/fall bag.

Jennifer said...

me likey :)

Jamie said...

I LOVE the bag! What is the boutique called?

Ann and Chris Armenta said...

OMG I LOVE IT! I am such a purse whore too. If they end up having anymore let me know and I will def go over there when I come down next week. I really like the black version on that one!

Dana said...

I LOVE that bag and I really want one now! Where did you see a sneak peak of the fall 2010 line?

Lisa said...


Her place is called Two Sisters Skin Spa. Its on 64th St. and Greenway. It's a spa (they do facials/waxing/makeup) but are becoming really well known for their cloths and accesories! So its part spa/part boutique :) LOVE!


I'll see if she has any more, or you can see if you can get on online. I was at my gym this weekend, and they were having a Big Buddha trunk show with the whole fall collection. It was run by 2 other woman(not my friends) that are opening a boutique and plan on carrying the entire line,so they were showcasing it there. BEAUTIFUL bags!! There are 2 I really want! They are opening mid sept.

Dana said...

I was checking them out on Amazon. I LOVE the bag you got but I would hate to make you feel like I copied you! I really need a new brown purse, maybe I'll wait until the fall line comes out to get one!