Monday, August 9, 2010

Torticollis Update

Today was Miss M's 6 week follow up appointment with the physical therapist since starting her neck stretches at home. Going in I was a little worried because I was supposed to be doing each stretch at every diaper change, and in reality that wasn't happening. It was especially hard while out running errands, and we are very busy people so I was doing them about 60 % of the time. Despite that fact, the physical therapist was very impressed with her improvement! In the last 6 weeks, she has grown 16 weeks in gross motor skills, and that really helped her neck.

So even though I wasn't stretching her like I was supposed to, her crawling and her vast physical development was a big factor in her improvement. She said that the last little tilt that she has left will correct itself as she continues to crawl, but to still do her tilt stretch daily when possible. And guess what? We don't need to go back! She said if I have any questions or concerns, that I could email or call her and she looks great! YAY!

  This picture is a sneak peak  from our 6 month photo shoot! DIE! Cant wait to post the rest soon ;)

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bella1021 said...

Yeah so glad to hear that everything is going great!!!

the sneak peek pic is ADORABLE!!!!