Wednesday, August 18, 2010

First Day of First Grade

Kay started school again on Monday! Hello first grade! The morning went much smoother than last years drama. She was excited and ready to see her friends again. She really wanted to have straight hair for the first day, and I swear she looks like a different child! So beautiful! And beautifully accessorized too I might add ;)

Her new ballerina ballet flats. You know how much she loves theses??!!! More than ice cream and cake!!

Proud Mommy!

I'm really looking forward to first grade! This year they really start learning how to read, and are given much more responsibilities. She has her own desk, where she has to keep track and organize all her own supplies (in kinder they were all shared). They don't have someone holding there hand all the time, and are really treated like "big kids". She's still my baby, so its kinda hard for me to see her on her own doing some of these things! She's growing up....and I guess I need to accept that sometime in the near future ;) It really is hard to let go, and she tells me all the time "I can do it myself" or "I don't need you to do that, I can" and I just have to back off. 

I'm lucky to have such an amazing little girl!!!  


melifaif said...

She is an absolute doll. Like, I mean, she is in the running with mine. Ha!!!!! Seriously though. I have never seen a kid look so cute and stylish in lil kid glasses. She exudes confidence. And I love her.

Alice said...

Kay is just gorgeous! I love love love her adorable shoes!

Have a great first grade year, Miss Kay!

Jamie said...

How did she do?

The Wilson's said...

such a pretty girl, I loved her whole outfit! super stylin' for the first grade:)

Lisa said...


She did great! SO much different than last year...she's such a social butterfly, and was so excited to see her friends!