Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Ahhhhhhh  mornings. Mornings are always fun around here. Well really I should say weekday mornings. Now that school has started again every morning 5 days a week, at approximately 8:15-8:17am I am scrambling around like a chicken with my head cut off yelling at Kay to get into the car and get in her seat, with a baby on my hip while frantically looking for my sunglasses and keys with 29847263 bags on my other arm (well really not that many but my diaper bag, my gym bag and/or my purse). It is pure and utter chaos.

It doesn't matter what time I get up, I am always rushing out the door on school days. ALWAYS. After the madness, I try and reflect on what I can do differently the next morning to make my life easier, and not so rushed every morning. So every night I make sure the diaper bag is fully packed and ready to go, lay out Kay and M's cloths for the next day, pack Kay's lunch so all she has to do it grab it, write my to do lists for the following day, pull out my calender to check the next days events, and set my coffee pot to automatically brew at 6:00 am. I even set my alarm and get up at 6:00 am. A full hour before Miss M usually wakes up!!

You would think after doing all this, I would have a seamless exit. WRONG. What is my problem? Here is how the nearly 2 1/2 before the exit break down:

6:00 am- My alarm goes off....not gonna lie I hit the snooze button. But only once!

6:10 am- I get up, make a cup of coffee and head to the computer. While sipping my coffee I check my emails, read my dailies, and maybe post a blog. I don't have to get up at 6:00, but I like to have a few moments to myself before the baby wakes up and the day starts.

7:00 am- Miss M wakes up! Change her and feed her a bottle.

7:15ish- Little M and I head into my room so I can get dressed. Instead of hearing her cry for me in her pack n play in the living room, or tearing up my bedroom/bathroom and getting into stuff she shouldn't, I've started sitting her in my sink while I do my makeup :)

She has a grand ole time in there!! I give her a few toys,

 she stares at herself in the mirror,

she finds new things to chew on...

and I stand behind her and do my makeup! Which doesn't take me very long.- 10 min. or less for the essentials.

7:30 am - We go wake up sister. She is SO funny, every night for the last 6 months she HAS to sleep with her sleeping mask on. Seriously, she wont sleep without it. She has 3 different ones in the rotation, and this one is by far my fav :)

I make her breakfast right away, because at this point we only have 45 min. left until it's time to leave.

While she eats, I also feed M her breakfast- oatmeal mixed with the rest of her bottle (she's not a big eater in the morning and never finishes her first bottle) and fruit. So while Kay is eating, I am also feeding M...we're all in the kitchen together.  

8:00 am-  Rush Kay off to her room to get changed, teeth brushed, glasses on,  and we fix her hair. She usually sleeps with rollers in her hair, so while she's eating I take them out. Then all we have to do is fix it...ya know, add bows, headbands, or whatever hair accessories she wants to wear that day. :::This is where things start to go terribly wrong...and I think this is where my problem lies::: During this time I am also rushing Little M to her room to change her into her cloths for the day, get my shoes on, and be out the door NO LATER than 8:17. So really we only have 15 minutes to get all that done and that doesn't include any major meltdowns from Kay over hair, or what to wear, or which shoes she likes and doesn't like! Although she is getting better..

8:15 am- Leave! I have it down to a science, ideally we need to leave at 8:15 or 8:16 to get there 2-3 minutes before the first bell rings at 8:25. If we leave at 8:17, we get stuck behind the B153 bus in our neighborhood (which is painfully slow) and we get there right after the first bell, but before the tardy bell at 8:30 (not ideal). So as you can see, every minute counts. Literally.

Looking back at this post, I am realizing that everything gets crazy after 7:30 when I get Kay up, and she only has 45 min. from waking up until we have to be out the door. Should I get her up earlier? Should I wake up even earlier? What's my problem here people? I'm organized and prepared, but always rushing!


Dana said...

Definitely wake her up earlier. Even just 15 minutes would be a big help! Get her an alarm so she learns to wake herself up and takes on some of the responsibility to get out the door on time.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa! I love reading your blog! :-) I would definitely day that you need more than 15 minutes to get Kay and Miss M dressed. I'd get Kay up 10-15 minutes earlier.

Jenni said...

I have had the same problem with getting out the door and this is just with one. I have to be at work no later than 815 I have gone over and over what to do differently.
So I to pack whatever bags need to be packed the night before, I make sure to put T's clothes for the day in my room. I get up at 6-615 typically this works best if I take a shower the night before.I go out feed the dogs, get T's juice cup ready then I re rinse my hair, wash my face, brush my teeth the usual, then start my makeup. I open T's door so he can hear me getting ready and 645 he's usally awake comes in our room and I lay him in our bed to drink - or lately its been wanting to watch elmo. I finish getting ready. then I get him ready before breakfast. Once he's ready I finish with what I have to do, and get his breakfast ready. He eats and I'm out the door by 740.. Of course now that school is in, I'm thinking I need to be up at 545.

I'm not sure I why I just went on and on. sorry.. =/ but here's my opinion. When you get M up I would get her dressed right then or right after that first bottle, I would probably start getting K up 15 minutes earlier and have her get dressed first then breakfast.

Lisa said...

I got Kay up 15 min. earlier today, and we werent rushing....UNTIL M had a poopie diaper right when we were walkking out the door...so of course after that..WE WERE RUSHING! I cant win I tell ya! I am going to start having Kay get up 15 min. earlier, that really seemed to help this am (until the dirty diaper came into the picture).