Thursday, August 5, 2010

Lots Going On

Sorry for the lack of blogging lately, we've had so much going on that it has left me with little to no free time.  And what free time I have had I've been hitting the gym in efforts to shed this last little infertility weight I've been hanging onto. A full post on that soon, but I fit into a pair of old jeans yesterday so that's very exciting!

Kay started dance again, and this year since she is going into first grade, she is starting real dance classes.

These last 3 years is was all combo classes and learning the essentials and basics of dance. Now there is no running around playing, a strict dress code, and they really expect them to be big girls and learn actual technique. She is taking 2 classes; ballet and jazz. I cant tell you how proud I was of her, she looks like a real dancer! She really is growing up to be such a beautiful child.

Little M finally cut that tooth she's been working on!!!

Excuse the carrots in her nose ; ) She just got done eating. Each day it grows in a little more. It looks like she has 2 in this picture, but 1 has only cut through..although it looks like the other is on the verge because her gums are bulging there too and that's exactly what happened before the first one came in. My baby's growing up : (

School is about to start in less than 2 weeks now, which means my PTO duties have kicked back into gear full force again. For example, today I am going to help stuff 600 back to school folders that every student will get on the first day of school, Tuesday we have a board meeting, Friday we have the back to school luncheon for the teachers, and then open houses, so so busy with all that. 

Then there is my regular job and it has been hellacious! Our office manager quit on us with no notice (who does that after 3 years??!! Someone with no soul that's who!) So I've had to try and weed through the 164 applicants and set up interviews to find someone else to replace her on top of my regular work. I so did not not have time for this to happen right now, but what can I do?

So as you can see blogging has taken a back seat. Hopefully once school starts again I will have a little more free time to catch up.

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Stephanie @ Confessions of a Trophy Wife said...

I must say, your little Kay is SO cute! Especially in her glasses!