Monday, August 23, 2010


Okay friends this is all around update post about the random things going on in my life. Lets start here, remember this?? Yeah....I remember. This time was supposed to be different, it was going to work out, I was really going to try, blah, blah, blah. I kinda knew what was going to happen. It was only a matter of time. Well now Mr. Tomato Head looks like this. DEAD.

 Poor thing didnt have a chance once it came under my care. I started out with good intentions, and I did try but about a month later, or really when we went to California and didn't water it for a week, things went down hill fast. Notice the basil's still growing strong! So the moral of the story is, if you kill everything like me: Plant basil. It's impossible to kill! Impossible. If I havent killed it, anyone can grow it. I have no idea how this thing has managed to not only survive the 110+ degree temps, but survive without water and still GROW! It's pretty amazing. I use it all the time while cooking- I send Kay out with her little basket to pick some basil leaves, she has fun. Too bad we never got to pick any tomatoes :( I was looking forward to that. But this was typical me.

And now onto the the most important update of all, the one you are all dying to hear botox update! For those that have just joined that party, I got botox for the first time in May. You can read about how this all got started here, and then all about my first experience here (including progression pics!) .

So it has been 3 months, and it is just starting to wear off. At this point it has only begin to wear off a little teeny bit. See what I didn't now is that botox wears off little by little, so its not like you wake up one morning and its gone. Basically, every couple days that goes by after the 3 month mark, you notice that when you make that squinty face, you can see it losing its potency little by little. Right now, when I make that face it looks like somewhere in between my day 3 pic and my day 7 pic. Not as bad as day 3, but not as frozen as day 7.

It's not quite time for a touch up yet, but I can tell by mid to late September it will be. So guess who's going back to the chair? That would be me! I called my dermatologists office yesterday to find out when their botox day is next month so I can come in. They do a "cosmetic day" once a month, where you can get all the injectables at a discounted rate on that day. They didn't know the day yet, as they just had their August one, so I'll have to call back in a couple weeks.

I am really hoping I can get in before Italy!!


Momma Wilson said...

our poor flowers and landscaping look just as bad as your tomato plant. We had basil one year, but I did successfully kill it:) Mint is another herb that doesn't require any TLC.

Alice said...

Aww, poor Tomato Head. I planted some Crotons and some other leafy plant things (I'm a true gardner, I tell ya) in our front flower beds a while back. The crotons are dead and the other things, which are supposed to be kill proof, are turning a little brown around the edges. So I feel ya, I'm no green thumb either.

Lisa said...

Well guess what??? Now the basil is DEAD too! Ugh.