Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The "B" Word

I hate even saying the B word. Most people think the B word at my age is completely inappropriate, ridiculous, and un called for. They think I am crazy for even thinking about the B word right now. Yeah, I get it....it's a little crazy, but then the other high maintenance side of me thinks that the B word is in fact necessary at my age! My blog is in fact titled "Tales From a High Maintenance Mother of Two" in case you hadnt noticed...

Enough of the innuendos already....so exactly am I talking about here?


There, I said it. I am 27 (28 in August) and am going to get Botox for the first time next Thursday. See now you can hop on the "Lisa you are nuts" bandwagon. Or maybe your like me and wont :) No, I don't need botox right now, nor do I really have wrinkles yet. But at this rate I will have a nice fat one right in between my eyebrows!! I squint a lot, and in fact now I am starting to notice that even when I'm not squinting I can see the line. The idea of getting Botox in your late 20's is to in fact PREVENT you from getting wrinkles. I don't want to wake up one day, have tons of wrinkles and then go get botox...I don't want to get them in the first place! It's simply preventative measure at this point.

I am a little nervous, but mostly excited to see the results. I don't want to be completely frozen or end up looking like creepy post op Heidi Montag by any means. I just want to get a teeny tiny bit to help prevent wrinkles in the places where they will be most prominent. I am getting the very minimal treatment done.

If any of you have ever had Botox please share your experiences!! I will be sure to post some before/after pics too!


Anonymous said...

You are going to love it! I went in just to have the line in my forehead between my eyes done (because the doctor told me the same thing about helping it not get worse as I get older - BTW I'm 33)...the next thing I know I'm doing the entire forehead and around my eyes! I LOVED it! If I wasn't breastfeeding right now I'd be at the docs getting my next fix! The spots you get it in does feel a bit tight at first but I guess that's to be expected. And as long as you don't over do it...it just helps you look a little fresher..more well rested! I'm totally pro "The "B" Word!"


MAR (Mom of baby Mary)

ASHELY said...

girllllllll....that's where I want botox too! I will be 28 in Sept. :) I am always pointing it out to be poeple, and they think I am nuts! I can't wait to get botox....at some point, right between my eye brows. :) Your not crazy!

The Wilson's said...

I've been wanting to do my forehead wrinkles for months now! I'll be 28 in August too. I think prevention is key:) My mom gets Botox, and granted she's 51 - but she has never looked better. So, why wait until your 50 to look your best?!?

Can't wait to see the before and after pics, good luck!

Lisa said...

well thanks guys! I think part of he reason why I hate talking about it so much is peoples reactions, but you guys are awesome!

I will def. let you know how it goes :)

Her Momma said...

yikes! i'm ten years older than you and haven't even given the B word any thought yet. no thanks! i got a tattoo on my ankle when i was 17 and could barely handle that so cant imagine sticking something in my face. good luck though! can't wait to read how it turns out.

Lassak Family said...

Careful because it doesn't actually prevent wrinkles...it simply paralyzes the muscle; which in turn after repeated doses (over years) can weaken the muscle and make the wrinkle appear deeper. I am all for BOTOX, but be informed! Enjoy!!

Lisa said...

Lassak Fam,

I had no idea! Good to know.

I have however read up about all of the side effects and am not going into this blindly, as everyone should before getting anything done!!