Wednesday, May 5, 2010

If At First You Dont Succeed

Every year of my adult life I have tried to garden (not even really garden just plant a few flowers for christ sake!) and every year I fail miserably. I defiantly was not born with a green thumb- more like a black thumb. I kill everything. I mean everything. Even the things they say are low maintenance end up dying after a month or so in my company. But I never give up! Every year I make a new attempt at gardening, hoping that maybe just maybe this will be the time that whatever I plant will flourish.

See, it always starts out great. I water everyday, give them plenty of sunlight, I talk to them and beg them not to die, and promise them that I will do better this time (because your supposed to talk to your plants right?!). I do it all! I really do try! Then all of a sudden its like watching a plane crash in slow motion and it all goes down hill. Soooo they die.

So here I am again...another year older, attempting to keep something other than myself, husband, or children alive. I think I keep trying because I really want to be able to grow things, and at this point it is almost like a challenge. So the other day I picked up some potting soil and headed on my merry way.

This year my victims are a early girl tomato's and sweet basil. I really wanted to plant some Italian flat leaf parsley because I cook with that all the time, but they were out...

Kay had a 1/2 day at school today, so while little M was napping we got to work. She had so much fun "gardening".


And here it is, all planted. Mr. Tomato Head, that's what we named him.

And here we are hoping, wishing, and praying we can keep it alive. Daddy was laughing at us.

How long will it survive? Now that I don't know.

But I promise you, I am really going to try my hardest to keep him alive!! I want this to work for once!


Dana Kozuback said...

Mark has tried over and over again to plant vegetables in our back yard. It's REALLY hard to grow anything in Az! Good luck!

Meredith said...

I have the same issue. I suck at gardening!

Jennifer said...

You and I are in the same boat with plant-killing ;-)

Good luck this year though!

Marcu said...

It's totally a trial and error deal. My husband and I love to garden. We've mostly learned by the mistakes we've made.

Which leads me to my suggestion! I would put the basil in its own pot. The tomato plant will grow like crazy and the basil will get taken over. Put the basil in a smaller pot it will keep growing and growing all summer as long as you keep picking the leaves.
I also suggest getting a stake for the tomatoes. It will help hold up the plant and the fruit once it starts to grown and bloom. Good luck!

Lisa said...


Thanks SO much for the suggestions! I can tell the tomato plant already needs a stake, so I am going to do that. i do have another pot I can put the basil in too :)

But so far, so good...nothing is dead yet ;)