Friday, May 28, 2010

It Seems Like Just Yesterday...

I wrote this post and sent my little baby off to kindergarten. Remember how scared she was? It was heartbreaking...

Now here we are at Kindergarten graduation...I cant believe it!

It just blows me away that her first year of school is over. She had a great year and I am SO SO proud of her! She has learned so much over this last year. She's learning to read, is really excelling math (she loves loves math, she will sit and do math problems for hours on her own this kid!), and has learned so much about the world and how things work. It truly is amazing to see how much she has learned and grown these last 10 months.

I can also honestly say that she had the BEST teacher on the planet!! This woman was born to be a kindergarten teacher. She relates to those kids in such an amazing way, and is truly gifted in ways I never knew imaginable when it comes to working with children. Kay now cries because she wont get to see her everyday anymore, but knows she has to move on up to first grade. It's bittersweet. We'll miss Mrs. W!

I now have a 1st grader!!? Really!?!

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Amy said...

she is too cute.