Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Everyday I tell my kids I love them. Everyday I tell Kay that she is my favorite person in the world. Everyday I ask her if she will be my best friend forever, even when she gets older, and everyday she says yes. Everyday I thank god for allowing me to experience motherhood again. And everyday I think of those that cant.
Everyday I look into their sweet eyes and wonder how I ever got so lucky. Everyday I realize that my children are a true blessing, not a right. Everyday, even when they drive me crazy, I don't take a second of them for granted. Everyday their smiles and laughs bring a tear to my eyes. Everyday I want them to feel special in some way. And everyday I wonder if they know how much I love them.

Seriously. Everyday.


Alice said...

I agree 100%

Tabitha said...


Jennifer said...

beautiful :) I ask my boys (very often) if they'll stay with me forever. I love 'em so much!!