Saturday, May 22, 2010

My Brown Eyed Girl?

I thought Kay would have brown eyes, without a doubt!! Both her bio father and I have brown eyes and he is Filipino! So we were totally surprised after she was born as we watched her eyes change into this beautiful crystal blue color by the time she was 8 weeks old. Turns out she got a recessive gene, both her grandfathers had blue eyes and she got lucky. We only had a 6% change to have a child with a eye color other than brown, and well she was one of those 6 %. They are so beautiful!

So when I got pg with M, I thought for sure this one will have brown eyes. I will finally have my brown eyed girl! But fast ward to now and M's eyes still aren't a color. I totally expect her eyes to be brown (again we both have brown eyes), but wondering when they will change? They are a little brown right around the pupil, and then the rest is a dark murky green. They defiantly aren't going to be blue because at this stage Kay's eyes were already very blue. It's funny because some days you look and think okay, they are defiantly turning brown, and then the next day you look and think they might be hazel, and then the next day you have no idea in hell what color they are gonna be! Bottom line, they still aren't a color cant really tell in this pic, but I'll post it anyways :)

Not brown, not green, not hazel, just a dark mixture of all of the above. Can you go through your life without a definite eye color? I am just dying to know what box she will check!


mommy2chazz said...

What beautiful eyes!! My son's eyes were questionable for a long time, but they are definatly brown now. Her green onesie sure brings out her tan skin! What a beauty!

WantWait&Pray said...

Beautiful eyes, nonetheless! I keep wondering what color our babies will be too since my DH and I both have SUPER dark colored eyes.
We shall see.

Where did you get the Mustela Intensive stretch mark serum? I'm gonna get on it right away...worried about these stretch marks hanging around....

Jamie said...

She is adorable!

My eyes are not a color. They change all the time. Especially in different lights. They go from green to a hazel color to a greyish color to a super dark...almost black. It looks like my pupils are dilated, but it is just my wacky eye color.