Monday, May 10, 2010

I Finally Gave In

And joined Twitter.

Go ahead...laugh if you want to. I know I am really one of the few on the planet that hasn't already done so. But for the longest time I just couldn't imagine adding something else to the mix. I already frequent Facebook, the bump, another board, and I blog. So keeping up with something else seemed like a task. But I finally gave in and now I need friends!

Why now you ask? Well honestly there is so much more I want to share with you all that doesn't really deserve an entire blog post. Take last night for example; I was simultaneously baby wearing, cooking that also involved a grill, and drinking a little vino. I'm am pretty sure in some book somewhere it says not to do that. Plus there are so many more pictures I would like to share!

So if you want to join in on the insanity that is my day to day life, click the box below to follow me on twitter...gawd I cant believe I'm even saying that...but I look forward to following some of you too!

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