Friday, May 21, 2010

House Projects

Like I didn't have enough going on right now, I went ahead added a few new house projects to the mix! These are things I have been meaning to do for a while, but have been putting off. Mainly because I have been SO busy, but I went ahead and bit the bullet.
First, a large photo collage on one of the walls in our living room!

I went to IKEA and got a bunch of black matted frames in varying sizes to start my project. I placed them on the floor in the arrangement that I wanted, but realized once you go to put them on the wall that's a whole other story! So, we cut construction paper out the same size as the frames and taped them to the wall mirroring the pattern we liked on the floor. Problem solved!

We could easily move and play around with the frame placement without worry. What a great idea that was! In the end, I still need a few extra frames to make it complete. But now I have the daunting task of actually choosing and printing the pictures for all these frames! It's so hard to decide, but I am working on it little by little. It is a little overwhelming to be honest.
I also am working on putting all the finishing touches on M's nursery.

The room has been done for a while now, but it was never "finished". It still needs a rug, curtains (it does have nice white wood blinds already), and some wall decor. I have now hung her pink mirror and the framed picture that was in my room as a young girl (I refinished the frame) . In addition, since that wall is so long, I added 2 long white photo ledges on either side of the picture with some white matted picture frames in varying sizes. It looks great!! I am very happy how it turned out. But again, I still need to chose and print the photos for her room too.

Although I have so much going on and this probably wasn't the best timing to start (or finish?) all this, I am already feeling relived that these little projects will get done one day!

Pictures to come once I pull it all together : )


Jennifer said...

I can't wait to see how the collage and nursery are going to turn out - I know they'll look great!!!

bella1021 said...

that is how my dining room wall looks.. it has pictures in the frames from friends weddings that aren't even married anymore.. but how do you choose which New pictures!! haha I bought some new frames too to add to it.. now I just have to do it. good luck!!