Monday, May 17, 2010

Meal Planning Monday

Here's whats for dinner at my house this week:

  • Spicy Tofu and Green Bean Stir fry served with Brown Rice- my own recipe
  • Caprese-style Stuffed Chicken Rolls (from the June issue of Rachael Ray magazine) with Roasted Brussels Sprouts and a Garden Salad.
  • Grilled Wasabi-Honey Shrimp (also in the June issue of Rachel Ray magazine) and Veggie Kabobs
  • Chicken (Lite) Ceasar Pita's- my own recipe
  • Salmon with Asian BBQ Sauce- Kay's Fav!! Served with Brown Rice and Broccoli.

Feel free to drop a comment or email me if you want more info!


Hopeful34 said...

Yummo!! sounds delicious!!

Dana Kozuback said...

I just made the roasted Brussel sprouts for dinner, it was so good and I don't like Brussels sprouts!