Saturday, September 12, 2009

23 Weeks

Turn on the radio and sway to the music. With her sense of movement well developed by now, your baby can feel you dance. And now that she's more than 11 inches long and weighs just over a pound (about as much as a large mango), you may be able to see her squirm underneath your clothes.

How far along: 23 weeks!
Total weight gain/loss: Up 16 pounds total..kinda worried about this.
Maternity clothes: Yes, everything is maternity.
Stretch marks: Nope
Sleep: Better...still waking up to pee a few times a night, but am able (for the most part) to go back to sleep.
Best moment last week: Deciding that I am just going to name her myself and DH will get over it...although it still hasn't gone over too well and I am still not entirely sure I can pull this off, but my plan is that if I say the name enough, it will grow on him. Plus I told him he can pick a middle name. His response? "No one cares about the middle name". lol.
Movement: Yes, and now I can feel her kicking in 2 places at it must be her hands and feets. Ahhhh I love her!
Food cravings: Still beef, celery with light buttermilk ranch, salads.
Gender: GIRL!
Labor Signs: No, but I have started to get Braxton Hicks contractions.
Belly Button in or out: It has popped like a turkey timer! DH thinks its funny, and calls it my 3rd nipple because you can see it poked out from under my shirt.
What I miss: A vente cafe mocha from Starbucks...boy have I been craving one of those!
What I am looking forward to: Having her room painted.
Milestones: Registering (well starting it), its a lot of work/research!

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