Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Call Me Crazy

But I love the orange glucose drink you have to take for you GD test!! Seriously, I would drink that stuff if it was in my fridge! It was delicious! All I hear about is how people think its so gross and disgusting, but not for this momma...yum yum! Baby sure liked it too because about 5 minutes after I finished that sucker she was putting on a little dance recital in my tummy.

Today was another routine OB appt. I got my seasonal flu shot, talked about the H1N1 vaccine (which I will get when it becomes available), got weighed, listened to baby, got measured and talked over a few things such as pre term labor, pediatricians, and all that jazz.

So now we wait to see if I passed the 1 hour glucose test. I failed it when I was PG with Kay and had to take the 3 hour which was a horrible experience for me. Ultimately I did not have GD with her. I ate really good this morning (eggs, with 1/2 piece of flax toast) and drank only water, so nothing sugary, carb filled, or processed. Hoping I pass with flying colors!

I am also happy to report that some how I only gained 2 pounds this month...which seems like a complete and utter miracle or an error to me...but hey, I'll take it! Total pregnancy weight gain is now up 18 pounds. I am hoping that in the end I don't gain more than I did with Kay..which was 33/34 pounds. We'll see!


Katie Jo said...

that good you had a good appointment. Do you usually like orange pop/soda?

I have yet to take the GD test, but was just curious.

Lisa said...

I do love orange soda! They offered me that or the fruit punch flavor. I have also heard some placed have a lemon/lime flavor too!

The Wilson's said...

I didn't mind drinking it, it was the heart burn it gave me after! Hope you pass, and you look great, no matter what the scale says:)

looking4#3 said...

When I went for the GD test with my son, I downed that drink in about one minute flat!!! The nurse was shocked. I told her, I was thirsty and I really liked it. She said she NEVER hears that!!!
I am right there with ya sister!!! I would drink it if it was in my fridge too!
So glad everything is moving right along. I can't believe your ticker is down to 100 days!!! One more day to double digits.
I gained 36 pounds (in 3 months) with my daughter. Gave birth at 135lbs, left the hospital at 102!! My son, I gained 22 lbs. Hopefully, I can do that for a third time!! But, there is no better reason to be gaining weight!

bella1021 said...

I liked it too ;) I wish it was orangeier though... like a fanta or crush.. but it was doable-- the 3 hour one they gave me the warm "cola" flavored one.. that was a little harder to swallow!!!

fingers crossed for good results!!!