Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Who Knew?

There were so many different shades of grey! I walked into Home Depot with a very good idea of the color I wanted, but was overwhelmed by how many other colors of grey I liked for the nursery. I walked out with 4 samples, got home at painted away. Well they were all MUCH darker once they were on the wall. These are all pretty light looking colors, so I was shocked that they turned out so dark. Thank god for samples right? The four colors on the top are the original samples I brought home, and I really liked the last 2, but they were still too dark. So I went back to Home Depot this morning and they made the same colors for me but with 1/2 the concentration (the 2 shades on the bottom are the colors as the ones above, only lighter). The one I like best is the bottom left.

And here are the 2 lighter versions I narrowed it down to, but larger.

Ultimately I think I will go with the one on the left (Behr's Graceful Grey UL260-10). It has a more earthy undertone, where the other one has more of a blue/cool undertone. So I think it will match the bedding/decor better. Our house helper is coming over on Saturday to prep the walls and get started on the painting. I'm so excited!! I'll post pics when it's all done!


looking4#3 said...

Beautiful choice. I am sure your little girl's room is going to be stunning!!!

Amy said...

I love that color! I just did grey in our nursery and I love it! The room will look great!!!!

WantWait&Pray said...

Great choice. I think the other option has a teeny bit more blue undertones in it. Looks fantastic....can't wait to see it!

ASHELY said...

i love the color choices. our guest room (which will be a baby room in the future) is a greyish purple. it's called "tunnel of love" and i believe its a BEHR brand paint. I will have to take a picture and email it to you! :) I hope your going well. ttyl.