Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A Blank Canvas

Well here it is...the empty guest room that will soon become a nursery for OUR BABY. I still cant believe this is really happening until something major happens, like a u/s or like cleaning out the room that will be the nursery! So surreal that a baby, our baby, will be sleeping in this room. So the guest room is currently a light celery green color including the ceiling (it matched the room decor that was in there). I am going to buy some paint samples today and we plan to start painting this weekend! Then we will install new carpet, and baseboards! So here is the view of the awkward room from standing in the doorway (much narrower than I previously estimated at only 7 3/4 feet wide but 15 1/2 feet long):

A view from standing in the corner of the opposite wall. Facing the closet door, the door on the left, and the entry door on the right.

A view of the wall to the right when you walk in, huge window and built in shelves.

With the room being such an awkward shape, I still don't know where the furniture will be placed etc. I have found a few helpful sites like this one and this one that allow you to input the measurements of your room and add furniture to see what the layout will look like, so that has been helpful. Ultimately though I don't think we will know until we have all the furniture in there. But we are on our way...off to get paint samples now : )


PeasOut said...

Why don't you put the crib in the corner at an angle? Then you could put the glider opposite it?

The Wright Family said...

I would put the crib on the back wall, changing table under the window, and dresser centered on the other wall. Then you can put a glider or rocker in the corner in between the dresser and crib. Love the built in shelves!!

Lisa said...

I have considered both these options...and I will def. try then out once we get the carpet/furniture in there. Thanks for the advice!!