Tuesday, May 10, 2011

16 Months

I cant believe my little buttercup is 16 months old already. But here we are all...in full blown toddler mode! These last few months she has really blossomed into this little sweet person that has become capable of so much! It's really amazing how smart she is. I know every parent says that about their kid, but she truly amazes me with some of the things she does.

She doesn't say much, but boy does she listen. She follows directions VERY well, that alone impresses me daily. For example, if you tell her we are going bye bye, or she sees me gathering up my stuff and getting my purse, etc. she will go to the shoe basket, dig through to find her matching pair of shoes, then hands them to me, and sits on the floor for me to put them on. Most recently, she has become aware of her poopie diapers. If she has a poopie and you say in your annoying mommy voice "Do you have a poop twos?? (that's what I call it...hahaha)" she will grab her diaper, then head toward her room or lay on the floor to get changed. Or if you tell her its ni ni time and its time to brush our teeth, she goes to her bathroom and waits to get her teeth brushed. She's knows what up!

If you ask her to go get something from a certain room in the house, she will. And if you ask her to put something back in a certain place, she does. She's a listener! But the one thing that still worries me slightly and I have mentioned this before here, is her speech development. I just feel like she should be saying more. We know she is capable and smart enough. She was a late babbler and has never been very vocal baby. Is she just quite, or is there an issue? Right now, she says: dada, mama, cup, uh oh, quack quack, moo, and she tries to say Kay and cat. She will sign eat, more, and all done.

I brought this up at her 15 month appt. Her Dr. asked me a few other questions and then said "I would almost bet on my reputation that this girl is perfectly fine!" So I kinda tried to stop worrying about it so much. But I will say this, as a mother I know to trust my gut. And if at her 18 month appoint I still have concerns, I WILL push for an early evaluation.

Okay onto the fun stuff....

-At her 15 mth appt. she weighed almost 22lbs (25%), was 30 1/2 inches long (50%), and her head was still in the 75-95%. All of this is right on track of where she was at 12 months.
-She takes 1 1.5-2 hour nap per day and sleeps from 7-7:30pm to 6:30am with out any issues.
-She wears a size 4 diaper, 18-24 month clothing, and size 5 shoe.
-We think her hair is going to be curly like her sisters!
-She is very girly already. She loves to wear jewelry and sits patiently to get her nails painted!
-She still eats like a champ, loves all her veggies and fruit. The only thing we know of that she doesn't like is eggs. She just wont eat them.
-She has 14 teeth, including her first 4 molars. This is actually the longest time she's gone without getting new teeth, but I don't think her canines are too far off.

She loves: Music! The WHOLE time we are in the car she is dancing. If we are in a store and there is music, she dances. She loves music, its so cute! Milk, she would drink a gallon a day if you let her! Sesame Street, it is the ONLY show she will actually sit and watch. Her babies doll, she carries around her babies all day. Puts them down for naps with her blanky and her most favorite thing to do is push them in the doll stroller. She will go round and round and round the island in kitchen pushing her baby in the stroller. Blocks, the nanny says she is going to be an engineer because she could play blocks and build all day. She also loves books, but she wont actually sit still enough for me to read her a story, long walks, going to the park, and being outside. And to EAT, she's loooves to eat. If she's not eating, she's not happy!

She hates: Being strapped in her stroller if we are not moving, for example she WILL NOT sit in her stroller at Kay's soccer games, or if we are at a party, or at a restaurant, she wants out! I am kinda jealous of the moms who have babies that will sit calmly in their strollers. I wish! Sharing with her sister, for some reason this is a problem. Not so much with other babies, but she doesn't like to share toys/etc. or even her Mommy with Kay, but of course Kay instigates her at times. I guess that's the way it rolls with siblings.

There you have it! Miss M in a nutshell at 16 months!


Momma Wilson said...

where has the time gone, she's such a big girl now!!! She also sounds like Jackson to a t, seriously! from the listening and lack of speech to eating:) and shows. i was a nervous wreck, and about a month ago he woke up and finally starting chatting and babbling away! he says a new word almost hourly and babbles all.the.time. her time will come too!

laugavitz said...

Help please! I don't normally comment on your blog, but I do follow! I love your writting! I also LOVE your meal planning mondays and I saved one of your recipies that my family LOVES, but my hard drive died on the computer therefore I lost it. I was wondering if you could please share with me again the recipe you have for.....well that would be easy if I even knew what it was called....so here it goes....it had chicken and pineapple and is made in a crock pot I also believe it had crushed red pepper in it???? it is so good....
thank you

Lisa said...


Thanks! Is this the recipe you were talking about?