Monday, May 2, 2011

CD 6

Well here I am on CD 6 and you'll never believe what happened. Did you read my post on CD 4? If not, read that first for some insight.

Tonight my husband went to give me my second shot. I prepped myself, got everything ready and figured out a better way to grab something to inject into. So I pulled my pants down, scrunched my belly down, and grabbed (again) what I could. I held on as my husband pelted the needle toward my abdomen, and then you'll never believe what happened next. Never in a million years.

The needle went in and then THROUGH THE OTHER SIDE AND INTO MY FINGER!!!!!

At first I wasn't sure if he just nipped my finger, so I told him to go ahead and inject. Then I felt this cool liquid dripping down my stomach. WHAT KINDA FREAKY SHIT IS THIS?!

He pulled it out and it defiantly didn't go in. The clear medicine was all over my stomach and my finger was bleeding where the needle hit me. At first we were both so stunned as to what just happened. Neither of us could believe it. I mean, REALLY have you ever heard of such a crazy ass thing?! EVER?

After I settled down, we figured that I didn't grab enough or was pinching too hard and he went in at a bad angle. Combine that with having no fat layer to inject into caused it to go through both sides of my skin and into my finger. Very strange. Anyways, I decided that it was best that I inject myself this time. So again, I sat down (now even more nervous), took a deep breath and just did it. But now I am wondering if any of the first shot made it in? If so, it couldn't have been much. I hope because otherwise I doubled up on my meds tonight. I'm trying to have 1 baby here. Not 6.

I hope this isn't a sign of whats to come.

I have one dose left of clomid- thank god. I have had the worst headaches and dizzy spells (both major side effects from the drug). So I will be glad when that's over!


Momma Wilson said...

oh my goodness, talk about freaking crazy!!! that needle is so tiny, you must not be lying about the lack of tummy fat:)

Dana said...

WOW, just speechless!!