Wednesday, May 11, 2011

CD 15

I have to start out by saying that I truly love my RE's office and the staff there. It is all the same staff from the last time I cycled, so I have gotten a chance to really "know" a lot of them and vise vera through the years. My Dr. is amazing and really trying his best to accommodate my OOPness, and they are all just rooting for me. Today they gave me a bag of 8 boxes of Crinone to try and save me a little money and 2 of the nurses were fighting for which one was going to get to do my IUI. I just love all of them! And in case you were wondering about the IUI...well  this thing is just dragging on and on...but I've spent so much time and money already that there is no point in stopping now.

Today's daily vag cam visit showed 3 on the left still at 18, 17, and 15 with a few smaller ones. Still nothing considerable on the right. And my OPK was still negative today. So they did grow. A little.  I knew I should have done a 75 shot yesterday instead of a 50. Me and the Dr went back and forth a little bit about it, but he was still worried because of my age and the fact that I could potentially have too many, so 50 it was even though I was pushing for 75. Well I was right. And I made sure to tell him that today ; )

And just because things cant possibly go the way expected to now (we all thought I would defiantly trigger today), I'm not. Instead I did another shot of Bravelle. 75 units this time. Because sometimes a woman just knows best!


I can at least say that I am on the books now! I will trigger tomorrow night at 10:30 pm and am scheduled for an IUI on Saturday morning at 8:30 am. There is no reason for me to come in again tomorrow, because even if they don't grow at all (which shouldn't be the case, they should at least grow another 1mm) that 18, 17 and maybe even the 15 should each have a viable mature egg. We are just pushing for a little closer to the "ideal" 20mm.

Me and the RE also had a pretty heart to heart conversation about what he would do if he were in this position, and he thinks because this cycle has gone so array that we should only thaw a MAXIMUM of 3 vials, no matter what the counts and save the rest for a more textbook cycle. I agree, although don't get me wrong this could still result in a pregnancy and he made me very aware of that! I should have 2-3 mature eggs, and although they are all on one side, it is still very possible! I don't have too much hope and would feel better if there were targets on each side, but it is what it is at this point and it is completely out of my hands and into gods.

So now I just PRAY that I don't get a + OPK tomorrow, because if I do my IUI will be pushed to Friday. The 13th. I would just much rather have immaculate timing than surge on my own.

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