Saturday, May 28, 2011

Onto The Next...

I started AF yesterday. At 13dpiui. I did stop my progesterone they day before though, but took another test yesterday morning just to be sure. It didn't matter though because in the afternoon I started full flow. I am actually happy about that because that means I can start the pill again on Sunday. And that also means my next cycle (break cycle) will end and our next treatment cycle will begin June 20 something! That's not that far!

I am going back on the pill again because I am very prone to cysts and long cycles, so this way we can insure a nice 28 day cycle and NO cysts, which also saves me the 290.00 for a CD 3 u/s (my RE will let me skip if I've been on the pill). It's weird to me to think about what I am putting my body through though going back and forth between taking the pill to suppress ovulation, then giving myself shots to super ovulate. I'm telling my body 'DONT OVULATE' then 'OVUALTE' then 'DONT OVULATE' then 'OVUALUTE'. I wonder if its confused? Oh well. Unless I want a potential 50 day cycle, then a huge cyst, and have to wait out another 40 or more day cycle this is in order! I'm really okay with it, and I don't think its an issue but when I really thought about it yesterday I was like wow!

Whatevs, I start the pill tomorrow! Hope everyone has a fun and relaxing Memorial Day weekend! We are going to a pool party today, and the zoo on Monday.

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