Saturday, May 14, 2011

CD 18: IUI Day

Today was the big day. Boy I though this day would never come, it was rough ride getting here but I made it! I woke up super early today, I guess it was the nerves. I wasn't nervous about the IUI itself, they are pretty simple but I was super worried about the sperm and how it would thaw, how much we would get, etc.

We defrosted 3 of the 12 vials we have and ended up with only 2.4 mil. total motile sperm for today's IUI. They really like more than 5 mil. for IUI's, but that's what we got. I had 3 mature follies on the left side, so hopefully ONE of those sperm meets ONE of those eggs. Its completely out of my hand and into gods.

I realize that these numbers could be much worse, but I was really hoping for 5-7 mil. I want to have hope, but lets face it the odds are against us. However, it only takes one:::::it only takes one:::::::it only takes one:::::: I have to keep telling myself that.

Bring on the 2ww! My test date is May 28th, but I will probably test on the 26th or 12dpiui. That's when I got my BFP last time, so I feel pretty secure testing on that date. I never ever test sooner than that, so here's to hoping the next 12 days fly by!


electriclady said...

Good luck!!! I hope this is the one for both of us. (PS Your daughter is beautiful!)

Kristen said...

Good luck! I still think you have good chance. I can't wait until test day!!!

Nichole said...

Hope they fly by! I remember those days! Keeping everything crossed for you! Best wishes!